Regency Rules
PERSONAL SECURITY: Please do not share door codes; DO NOT request that roommates leave doors unlocked for you.  If you plan to be away overnight, please advise roommates or the Regency Management in case of emergencies.  If you have an intruder or unwanted visitor or if you see anything of suspicious nature, please call Provo Police (801-379-6210) and the Regency office (801-379-4177).
GUESTS:  All facilities and common living areas are for equal use by all tenants, so no tenant should monopolize such facilities personally or with their guests.  No regular babysitting in the apartments.  In reference to the BYU contract, a fee of $5 per night will be charged for guests staying more than two nights.  In no circumstances should guests stay more than seven days.
APARTMENT UPKEEP:  Each tenant must cooperate with roommates and do a fair share in the care and general upkeep of the apartment each week.  Two monthly cleaning inspections will be conducted by the manager or authorized agent in each apartment.  Instructions for the cleaning inspections are in the booklet found in each apartment.  If a new booklet is needed, a fee of $12.00 will be assessed to be divided amongst all roommates.  Notification of clean check dates will be given several days prior to event.  If your cleaning job does not pass inspection, a $15 fee will be assessed the first month.  The fee will increase by $5 each additional month during the semester in which the job does not pass inspection.  It will need to be paid with your next rent check.
PICTURES/POSTERS:  Nothing is to be nailed, pinned, or taped to the walls, ceilings or doors of the apartments.  Any damage will result in the tenant being responsible for the cost of repair.  Only white poster putty may be used in apartments.
DAMAGE:  ALL APARTMENT DAMAGE IS TO BE REPORTED TO THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.  Each tenant is responsible for the damage she or her guests may cause.  If the person responsible for the damage is not reported to the manager, the cost of the repair will be divided among each tenant in the apartment, and will be withheld from the security deposit.
MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS:  ANY NEEDED REPAIRS ARE TO BE REPORTED TO THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.  In many instances, the longer a repair goes unreported, the more costly it is to repair the damage.  To ensure uniformity and equality, all maintenance repairs are to be done only by Regency maintenance personnel.  Regency Apartments reserve the right to enter apartments for necessary repairs or remodeling.  All furniture and beds are to be kept off heating and air conditioning vents.  Windows and doors are to be kept closed while using the heater and air conditioner.  Do not remove window screens or climb through windows.
FURNITURE:  No Regency furniture of any kind is to leave its assigned apartment for any reason. 
CHECK-OUT:  Upon termination of the rental contract and/or the end of each semester, each tenant is responsible for a WHITE GLOVE CLEANING DUTY.  Detailed instruction for the cleaning and check-out procedures and inspection will be distributed approximately two weeks before the end of the contract term.  The cleaning must be completed in accordance with the instructions.  If the tenant leaves without final inspection as explained above, $35.00 of the deposit will be withheld as well as any apartment and cleaning charges and/or damage fees, if any.  Failure to vacate the premises by the contracted date of termination will result in the above mentions $35.00 fee and $10 per day charge for each day the tenant remains in the apartment.
BALCONIES AND BREEZE WAYS:  Each tenant is responsible for keeping the area immediately in front of the apartment free from dirt and other debris.  Please do not shake rugs over balconies or sweep dirt off onto balconies or areas below.  Do not place swimsuits, rugs, towels, mops, buckets, etc. on the balconies to dry.  Do not leave garbage on balconies, or in the breeze ways.  Please place all garbage in the dumpsters provided in the parking lot.  For recycling newspapers and aluminum cans, there are recycling bins provided by the bike racks.   
CARS AND BIKES: PARKING LOTS ARE FOR TENANTS’ CARS ONLY.  Tenants must have a current Regency parking sticker and are each allowed one car to be parked in Regency’s lots.  Violators will be booted or towed without warning.  Tenants are to inform their guest to park elsewhere.  No mechanical work or washing of cars is to be done on the premises.  All cars must be registered with the office to receive a sticker.  No bikes are allowed in the apartments or breeze ways.  Bikes should be kept in the racks provided for them when not in use.  Bikes locked anywhere else other then the bike racks will be impounded by the management.  A fee of $10.00 will be assessed for each offense of having a bicycle in the apartment or a bike locked anywhere other then the bike racks.  Regency is not responsible for stolen or damaged bikes. 
MAIL KEYS: Lost keys must be re-cut by Regency at a charge of $15.00 per key.  If an original key is not returned at check-out time, a $15.00 charge will be assessed. 
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: No musical instruments may be practiced on the premises.
POOL: The pool will be open mid-May to mid-October each year.  Each tenant will be issued a pool pass which must be visible when you are using the pool facilities.  Please observe the rules posted at the pool.  No guests are allowed in the pool area unless they are accompanied by a tenant with a valid pool pass.  Male guest may use the pool area from 1-9pm.  No children under 12 are allowed in the pool unless they are accompanied by a responsible tenant.  Pool hours are 9am-10pm.  SWIMSUITS MUST BE MODEST!  Your mid-section may not be revealed no matter what you are wearing.
GAS BARBEQUE: Use of the grill is on a first come, first serve basis.  DO NOT ADD CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES TO THE GAS BARBAQUE.  The grill must be cleaned after each use.
LOUNGE: Tenants may reserve the lounge for small gatherings of less then 20 people. Please use your resident portal to reserve the lounge online. The tenant reserving the lounge is responsible for cleaning it after use. A fine may be charged if the lounge is left dirty.  
EXERCISE ROOM: Please report any equipment problems to the management immediately in the form of a work order.  Female guests must accompany a tenant at all times.  No male guests allowed.  Only stereos with personal ear plugs permitted.  BYU athletic wear standards apply. 
CONTRACT CANCELLATION FEE: A fee of $25.00 will be charged for any contract canceled or sold.  All cancellations and selling of contracts must be done through the office.  During any semester or term for which a waiting list exists, Regency will help to sell the contact by contacting those on the waiting list. It is still ultimately the resident’s responsibility to sell her contact. During any semester or term for which no waiting list exists, when a tenant desires to terminate her contract, the responsibility to sell her contract lies solely with the tenant.
MONEY DISPERSEMENT: Money received from the tenant will be allocated and applied as follows: First, to full payment of all utility charges; next, to payment of late fees, cleaning, and charges due to damages by the tenant or her guests; and lastly, for rent.
UTILITIES: Electricity billings will be calculated from individual meters for each apartment.  Natural gas and water charges will be allocated equally among all regency tenants.  Both utilities will be calculated at the most current rate charged to the Regency. Payment for utilities is due by the end of the month of which they are posted. Late fees of $5 per day will begin on the first day of the following month. The manager will deduct the semester’s utility charges, and any other charges stipulated in this contract, from the tenant’s deposit if the tenant is leaving Regency for good.
MISCELLANEOUS:  No cinder blocks are allowed in the apartment for any reason.  A $10.00 fee will be assessed for any cinder blocks found.  Regency reserves the right to ban certain objects or change any rules within the school year and fine tenants who ignore the change upon written notice to all tenants. No pets allowed in the apartments at any time. Emotional Support Animals with proper documentation and approval of management are permitted.